Marching French Horn

The BM-411 is an excellent solution for the marching French hornist who needs to project with as much brilliance as possible. The BM-411 is pitched in Bb and utilizes a French Horn mouthpiece. It uses the same fingerings as the Bb side of a Double French horn. Well balanced and durable, the BM-411 assists in making the top range requirements on the field easier without sacrificing tonal color.

Marching Series
Key of Bb
.472” Bore
10.12” Bell Diameter
Rose Brass Lead Pipe
Yellow Brass Body Material
Yellow Brass; Two-piece Bell
Plastic Finger Buttons
Stainless Steel Valves
Finish Options: Clear Epoxy Lacquer or
Silver-Plated Finish
Blessing 7 French Horn Mouthpiece
Blessing C-411 Thermoplastic Case