Double French Horn

The tighter Kruspe style wrap on our BFH-1460 Double French Horn offers a blowing resistance that is ideal for a developing hornist. European in inspiration, the BFH-1460 is easy to play. It is perfect for the diverse demands of the student horn player moving from band and orchestra into chamber music settings. The large bell throat gives the horn a balanced, even color and characteristic dark tone. The yellow brass bell plays with a vibrant sound that is consistent in all registers with excellent projection and clarity. Perfect for the beginning to advanced player, the BFH-1460 is ideal for a student’s first double horn or a school looking for a budget-friendly priced step-up performance level instrument.

Performance Series
Key of F/Bb
Kruspe Wrap
.472” Bore
Large Bell Throat
12.20” Yellow Brass Bell
Mechanical Linkage
Rose Brass Leadpipe
Nickel Silver Tuning Slides
Clear Lacquer Finish
Blessing MC French Horn Mouthpiece
Blessing C-1460FR ABS Molded Plastic Case