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Brass Artist Feature - Dominick Farinacci

Brass Artist Feature – Dominick Farinacci

We are pleased to welcome Cleveland-born jazz trumpet artist Dominick Farinacci to the family of endorsing artists for Blessing Brass.  Mr. Farinacci has traveled around the world leading his own band performing at such prestigious venues as Lincoln Center, Severance Hall and the 02 in London.  In July, Farinacci released his second U.S. CD “Dawn of Goodbye,” receiving a stellar review in the New York Times.  This month Farinacci wrote an article for Jazz Times discussing the music of one of his main inspirations, Clifford Brown, who was also a Blessing artist.  He currently resides in New York City, and while performing around the world manages to periodically return to Cleveland where he has spearheaded an educational outreach movement involving some of the finest young jazz artists of today.  Mr. Farinacci recounts his musical journey below:

I’m quite fortunate to have been surrounded by wonderful mentors and performers from an early age.  One very special part of jazz culture is the tradition of encouraging and nurturing young musicians, and the gracious and dedicated mentors of mine in Cleveland helped me to gain the musical ability and confidence to move to New York City and attend Juilliard in 2001.  Leading up to that, I was so very fortunate to have met Wynton Marsalis in High School, who invited me to perform with him in NYC on a PBS special!  Shortly after, I moved to New York to attend school, and through various performances in the NYC area, I had an opportunity to record as a leader for a Japanese record label.  It went extremely well and I released 8 CD’s in Japan over the years, helping to establish myself out there.  In 2003 I had the honor of winning the ITG Carmine Caruso Trumpet Competition, and continued to travel with my band and develop my music in many of the clubs and festivals I’ve always dreamed of playing.  In 2009 I released my very first U.S. CD on the current record label I’m on – Eone Music.  It’s called “Lovers, Tales & Dances,” and I had the privilege of working with some of my favorite legends of this music – Kenny Barron, Lewis Nash, Joe Lovano and others.  While touring for that CD, I got to travel to London and perform on a concert with Jeff Beck and Jamie Cullum, and back here had the chance to meet and play for some people I never thought I would...including Quincy Jones!

All of this has been such an invaluable experience for me, and I’m constantly reminded of how important it is to support and encourage younger musicians.  We’re currently on the road promoting my latest release, “Dawn of Goodbye,” and I’m really excited about this new educational outreach program I’ve put together in Cleveland… it’s for Tri-C’s Center for Creative Arts, the place I grew up studying at.  There is so much musical potential in Cleveland, and we’ll be reaching out to these kids to help give them the opportunities I was lucky enough to have.

I’ve pretty much played the same horn since 6th grade… until now.  When I tried out the E.K. Blessing horns, I absolutely loved them.  While no horn in the world will make me sound good if I don’t put in the time and dedication to practicing, these horns help to make the type of playing I do a little easier.  So it’s a nice reward in the midst of an endless journey of practice and improvement.

Steven Wasser (left) and Dominick at E.K. Blessing, September 2011